Community-powered conference to feature Homegrown art, music & spoken word

Editor Bobbi Buchanan and a small crew of local musicians, artists and writers will appear at the 5th annual Bluegrass Bioneers Conference this weekend in Louisville. The team is representing Bullitt County’s bimonthly art, music and spoken word series, the Homegrown Show.

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Alleys and junkyards offer Louisville photographer subject matter

Through her art, Wright hopes to convey the beauty in ordinary things. “The magic of unexpected treasure is all around us. It’s only a matter of perception that allows us to see or miss it.”

She also believes art is intrinsically activism because the artist engages in the act of creating in a solely driven and controlled process. “Art allows us to engage with the mystery, see and feel the intangible, leave behind the confines of coercion, dogma and the repressive attributes of society.”

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