POEM: Orbital Motion



I love to sail at night
and see it
glowing on the water
the light
amongst all the darkness
how the tides
are pulled in and out
how our own
bodies are controlled
by this bright
round crater,  I think of reading
to my babies,
that book Goodnight…in their beds how
it shone
on their pillows like liquid silver

It is what
the cow jumped over
a satellite
the shining man smiling at Earth’s star
pie comes to mind,
white cheese, a full river, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
quarter, crescent,
waning, harvest, the full on lunacy
27.3 days

on its rotation
this summer between the sun and the Earth
it will be black
I will remember somewhere in my blood
my parents hoisting
me as a newborn to the sky in that thin
ribbon of totality
the tiny pinhole glasses made from cardboard
cereal boxes
tucked behind my seashell ears and I will feel
the pull of my
axis, the water in my body, the ash and dust of my parents,
this last dark
day of my lifetime, I will tilt my face to the cooling sky, see stars
bright sharp

and I will howl.

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Kindra McDonald received her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She teaches various poetry classes at The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, VA and is an adjunct writing professor and doctoral student. Her work has appeared in various journals to include Muddy River Poetry Review, Camel Saloon and the anthologies The Nearest Poem, Twice Upon a Time and “B.” She was a finalist for the Press 53 Open Awards in 2011. Her first book Concealed Weapons was published by ELJ Publications in 2015 and her second, Elements and Briars was published by Redbird Chapbooks in 2016.

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