Garden Dreaming


crystal-mugBeginning gardeners, take note. Growing your own food has never been more fun or rewarding with tips and tricks from Crystal Broussard. A relatively new gardener herself, Crystal offers valuable advice for those who long to raise their own vegetables and fruits—whether to honor a family tradition or for the simple sake of being more self-sufficient.


How have my fellow gardeners been over the winter? Here in the Ohio Valley, it has been miserably cold the last couple of weeks, so the natural solution for me is to dream about my garden. I’m itching for the smell of freshly plowed soil and the feel of dirt under my fingernails. Although our family may be living in a new location without the benefits of a big yard, I’ve already begun to plan my garden.

Since we are contemplating a move, I won’t be able to have the garden in my own backyard. I’m disappointed I won’t be able to walk out my door and have instant access to my crops. However, I’m planning to plant at least a few tomatoes in a transportable container. I’m also looking into joining a community garden. There are a few in the area, and I’m trying to figure out which one will be logistically better for me. I still have the greenhouse that I got last year, my tiller, and an eager green thumb, and I’m hoping to put all three to use regardless of where we live.

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you start planning your garden. If you’re in search of a community garden, click here to check out the American Community Gardening Association’s database.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll be starting your seedlings soon. Be sure to consider crop rotation and gently till up your soil to kill off garden pests while the temperatures are cold. Happy planning!

Crystal A. Broussard lives in Hillview, Kentucky, with her husband and children. She learned her gardening skills from watching her grandparents and by trial and error.

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