Carl Hiaasen Handing His Manuscript to the Postal Clerk


Does your mailing contain anything fragile?

the one-eyed man chained to a bridge
a heart that stops touring the swamp
the bride thrown from the lido deck
the wetlands sown with eighteen holes

Does your mailing contain anything liquid?

an ocean full of sharks with fins or legs
lagoons where bodies sink in chains
martinis in a strippers lounge at noon
a cruise ship’s bilge dumped near the reef

Does your mailing contain anything perishable?

the house
the host
the louse
the coast

Does your mailing contain anything potentially hazardous?

a backyard zoo set free during the storm
migrant roofers come to make repairs
a ten-foot python dropping in your skiff
the men who make their living paving earth


Mary Anne Reese is an attorney and writer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her poetry chapbooks from Finishing Line Press are Raised by Water (2011) and Down Deep (forthcoming). She has a graduate degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from Northern Kentucky University. Whenever she can, she walks and swims in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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