Not another hoop dream in the heart of basketball country


I have a dream that my grandchildren will not be slaves to Big Oil and King Coal—that they will not suffer the dependence and helplessness so many of us feel every time we pull up to the gas pump or rip open our utility bill.

I dream that when the college basketball season ends, the good people of this country will join together and channel their energy into ending the travesty of mountaintop removal mining. I dream that a fire will start in the heart of basketball country at the sight of this destruction: the flooded homes and blackened well water of residents, the irreversible damage to a life-sustaining ecosystem.

I dream that sports fans will unite in righteous anger—not over a referee’s bad call, but over an industrialized food system that abuses animals, poisons our land and water, and serves only to make the rich richer. I dream we will wake up to the violence that goes into the food we feed our family, the death and destruction required to heat our homes and fuel our cars.

We talk big about freedom, but we are indentured servants to the fossil fuel giants and food monopolies who lobby Congress and buy our government with the very dollars earned by our collective blood, sweat and tears.

When March Madness ends, bring your passion to this team. Learn the truth behind our food system. Show your spirit for the mountains.

A carbon-neutral country. A cleaner, kinder world. This is big. Be a part of it.

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