Going green may not always mean looking crazy

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January Objective: Sustainable Grocery Shopping

I am so grateful that my affordable, environmentally themed holidays were a big hit. As I gathered all my handcrafted gifts into reusable grocery bags, I was afraid I would appear cheap at the very least, preachy at the worst.


Giving handcrafted gifts in reusable cloth bags proved a big hit this Christmas.

Instead, children and adults alike seemed to cherish what I made them. And the cloth bags—I can’t tell you how many friends and family members asked, “Do I get to keep this?” to which I responded, “Of course.”

So going green may not always mean looking crazy. Maybe more people are ready to take some small steps than we give them credit for.

But how will it look in the dead of winter when I strap on my boots, sling some reusable cloth bags over my shoulder and walk the two miles to the grocery instead of drive? And why would I do this anyway?

For my New Year’s resolution, I wanted to start exercising. In 2011, I began popping in my pilates DVD, full of California hard-bodies bossing me around. I’d make it 15 minutes, get a glass of water and watch the rest of the workout routine from the recliner.

By choosing to walk to the grocery instead of doing pilates, I figure I’ll have to finish the workout or be stranded a couple of miles from home. And besides, I like feeling like I could survive without $3 per gallon fossil fuel!

So, let’s go crazy, shall we?

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