Baby Steps: Epic Fail … Up Next: Blue Pills or Off-Grid Movie Spoilers

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Kimberly’s blog focuses on a single objective each month intended to help her and her readers take baby steps toward better living in the spirit of New Southerner. You can keep up with her progress by checking her weekly blog, Baby Steps. She welcomes reader response and hopes you’ll share your stories and challenges in the comments section or by e-mailing her at

October Objective: Sustainable House

The blue pill … I want the blue one!

This week I want to take the blue pill, or the red one—I don’t remember which—so I can join The Matrix again and enjoy the taste of steak, both literally and figuratively, to borrow the metaphor from one of my all-time favorite films: We’ve been lulled sleep to feed some unfathomable machine.

I have failed miserably at everything I said I would do this week and relapsed on several levels of the gains I had made before. I can’t explain exactly what I have done with my time, except that I have spent alternate days helping friends and family with fall projects and doing nothing in between. On the busy days, I stopped at fast-food restaurants and ordered my meals sans beef. I could stomach mass-produced tomatoes, but not meat. Never mind that my tomatoes might have had some bovine gene spliced in. Yum—GMOs!

I did nothing with the laundry line except forbid anyone to do laundry until I had the time. Now no one has anything to wear. I ran the clothes dryer last night because my 11-year-old son, Parker, came home from football practice and needed a shower, a towel and some clothes.

Oh, well. Today is a new day. Sorry to those of you who are following along; this baby-stepper fell down, but hopefully you’ll step around. I will be doing last week’s objectives and adding one more that I think I can work in easily.

Baby Step: Off-grid movie spoilers

This week, instead of watching Evil Dead for the 20th time in celebration of the season, gather loved ones around, turn every light and appliance off for an hour, and tell scary stories in the dark. If you don’t know any, tell your kids the plot line for A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Blair Witch Project. I stole this idea from a friend of mine who did this during her son’s sleepover birthday party with a flashlight under her chin. But beware! My friend felt bad when she realized she had overdone the scare factor. None of her son’s friends went to sleep that night, so neither did she.

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  1. There is no failure, only sign posts on how NOT to reach your goal.

    For me, it’s easier to pick one thing a week and do it as perfectly as I can. Then next week, I try to take the next turtle step (slow and steady).

    Feeling the sense of accomplishment works wonders for my motivation. I commend your efforts!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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