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Assistant Editor

Welcome to the launch of the NEW New Southerner magazine. This is where old-fashioned ideas meet new trends and sensitivities that give us the inspiration to live fuller, more independent lives, strengthen relationships, save money and leave the earth a better place.

I say “us” because I am as far from self-sufficiency as I am the moon. I am excited and ready to begin anew, re-implementing some of my old habits and improving on them. I invite you to join me. But you’ll have to keep up. We will now be posting new information semi-weekly.

Through blogs and articles, the inspiration and “how-to” will be available at our site for whatever lap of the race you are on — whether you are an off-the-grid hardliner, a conscientious or cosmopolitan greenie who needs some tweaking or a flat out skeptic who thinks that global warming is conspiracy theory. I assure you, our aim is to be neither progressive or conservative — just good neighbors passing on a little of what we’ve learned that have made our lives more fulfilling.

Let’s get started, and remember … Do what you can do, have some fun and leave the rest to that in which you believe.

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