The newcomer:

When we moved here
that road was two lanes
now it’s two plus two
plus the turn lane
and it needs to be
three plus three
but they’ve got
to keep a median
somehow it’s crazy
in this traffic
it takes me thirty minutes
to cross town and
it’s not getting any better.

The old-timer:

When we moved here
that road was a pig path
on a farm
miles outside the city limits
with only a few houses
within shouting distance
and now they’re not
but ten feet apart. Why
it’s crazy. You could open up
your window and hand
your neighbor a piece of toast.

Kory Wells has lived most of her life in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a city whose record growth in recent years has influenced much of her writing. Wellsrecent and forthcoming poetry and prose publications include Now & Then, Pindeldyboz, Rock & Sling, Muscadine Lines and others.

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