Mar 092009


Just when you got used to those cumbersome PDF files …. Ta-da! We did it again. Welcome to yet another format for the ever-evolving New Southerner.

Don’t leave us yet—this change was for you, dear reader. From now on, New Southerner will have twin purposes: to provide a seasonal selection of prose, poetry and art; and to promote discussions on self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship and local economies. We need your participation. Check out the new Spring 2009 issue. Comment on an essay. Share your views. And be sure to check back a few times a week, if not daily, for new content.

You can step up your participation by contributing an article, feature story or book review. Or maybe you want to blog about your garden or a trip you took to Frankfort to protest mountaintop removal mining. See our all new Submission Guidelines for details on how to submit your ideas.

As part of the new guidelines, you’ll see that prose and poetry submissions are now accepted exclusively through our annual literary contest, which opens April 1. Three prizes of $200 each are offered to winners. In addition to publishing contest winners, we will offer publication and payment to the top entries.

We’re happy and proud to bring you the best blogging and finest down-home literary offerings available on the Internet. So why not set a spell. Take your shoes off. Grab your mouse and get clicking.

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 March 9, 2009

  6 Responses to “Y’all Come Back Now”

  1. Thanks for the update, Bobbi. Best of luck with the new format. Hope things are going well for you otherwise, too.
    Take care,
    Linda Cruise, Managing Partner
    Writing Consultants Network LLP

  2. Yay!! I’m so happy you are here! The site looks great! I’m doing my part to spread the word!!!


  3. Way to go! I hate to say it but won’t miss that old website.

  4. […] Buchanan, editor of New Southerner, says You All Come Back Now. Here is her e-mail announcing the significantly re-designed Spring 2009 issue: FROM THE […]

  5. I didn’t see a forum to post links, so I thought i’d put it here.

    One more reason to grow your own tomatoes!!!


  6. I love the white background and the new look — much cleaner and greener.

    I tried to click the blog link, but I didn’t find a place to comment, so I came here.

    Looking good!!

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